New Year, New Goals and The Things We Shouldn’t Forget

New Year, New Goals and The Things We Shouldn’t Forget

Leanne Edermaniger


As we see in the new year with cocktails, fireworks and various renditions of Auld Lang Syne, many of us will be in the process of setting new goals to better ourselves in the year ahead.

For most of us,these goals will be fitness based – maybe joining the gym, running 10K or generally getting fitter and healthier.

At The Big Bottle Co, we believe there is no greater goal than keeping your body hydrated to ensure all of your remaining targets can become a reality. To perform at your best, your body needs to be at its optimum and getting the right hydration is integral to this.

Here are some handy tips for reaching your goals in 2019:

  • Plan
    • Planning what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it will be key to your success.
    • Plan smaller goals to accomplish a larger, wider goal.
  • Avoid distractions
    • Getting distracted can seriously affect your chances of achieving your goal. If you miss a training session, forexample, find another way to make up for it, like training at home.
  • Find a training partner
    • Getting the right support from the people around you can really help you to achieve your goals. If you can’t find a partner, then let your friends and family know the goals you have set, so they can support you, this is particularly important during times of low energy or motivation.
  • Simplicity is key
    • When first starting it out, you need to keep things simple. Setting a goal which is too complex or unachievable will only lead to disappointment. If you think the goal you are setting is unrealistic, try a series of smaller goals or break it down into smaller, easier to manage chunks.
  • Stay positive
    • Positivity will help to stay focused, motivated and will help to avoid disappointment. If you miss your target date, set a new one. Dwelling on something you haven’t achieved will hinder your overall success.


Things we should all remember when reaching our goals


  1. Hydration

When we set our goals, nomatter how simple or complex they are, most of us will forget to factor hydration into our schedule. Hydration is vital for optimum physical performance, there is a wideacknowledgement that a lack of hydration during physical activity can increase the strain on our:

  • heart
  • body temperature control
  • production of lactic acid in our muscles leading to fatigue
  • use of stored sugar as an energy source.

During exercise,our body is losing water, mainly through sweating and if this is not replaced, then we are at risk of becoming dehydrated. Vigorous exercise and hot environments can lead to some individuals sweating at rates of 3000 millilitres per hour causing impaired performance and dehydration.

The effect of a lack of hydration is usually noticeable within 30 minutes of exercise. Some research has shown that a loss of 4.9% of body mass during 2 hours of cycling caused an increase in heart rate and core body temperature but a decrease in blood volume, cardiac output and skin blood flow. Dehydration negatively affects a wide range of our physiological functions and when we are trying to achieve a new goal, this can be detrimental.

Without adequate hydration, you may find you are unable to achieve certain targets or aspects of your goal. You may even have contemplated giving up, when in fact it may just be a lack of water intake which may be keeping you from success. Hydration should be an aspect of your training programme and goal setting plan from the outset, especially if your goal involves moderate to vigorous exercise.


  1. Balance

Achieving balance when setting your goals will make you more successful. If you only focus all your energy on meeting your goal then you will sacrifice other areas of your life.

Planning is important. Before you start yourtraining, make a plan showing how you are going to achieve your goal and give yourself a target date. If you don’t meet that target date, don’t be too hard on yourself, put it to the back of your mind and set a new one! After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. You don’t need to sacrifice your social, family or work lives to achieve your goal, balancing all of them is vital.

Achieving balance is all about being realistic. Don’t set yourself goals which you know you won’t achieve. For example, run a marathon in 8 weeks, if you have never run in your life before is unrealistic. Instead, set smaller goals like run 5K in 8 weeks and build progressively to the ultimate goal of running the marathon.


  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness has recently been found to improve sports performance and reduces anxiety. Preparing mentally for achieving your goal can positively impact the overall outcome. In sports performance,mindfulness has shown improvements in:

  • Resting heart rate
  • Pain sensitivity
  • Concentration
  • Anxiety levels

Mindfulness is our ability to feel aware of our surroundings and what we are doing but not becoming too overwhelmed by what is going on around us. Setting goals is a simple way we can become overwhelmed, so applying mindfulness techniques such as meditation to your training can be beneficial.


How can the Big Bottle Co help?

Our philosophy at the Big Bottle Co is One Day, One Bottle. Our 2.2-litrebottles help you to stay hydrated each and every day. They are the perfect companion for your new year health and fitness goals, helping you to be the best you in 2019. Remember to continue drinking from your Big Bottle throughout the day to stay energised and keep dehydration at bay.



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