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Tips to Achieve Your Daily Hydration

You hear medical practitioners and even beauty experts saying it time and time again – lift your hydration! But what exactly is all of that water doing to help your overall physical and mental wellbeing? For many people it is common knowledge that drinking a minimum of 2 litres of

One Day, One Bottle: The Big Bottle Co Mantra

Healthy living doesn’t have to be boring. The health market is full of brands who have new ideas about helping us to be healthy, but many seem to forget one fundamental element. Fun. To many of us, the idea of eating healthily is giving up

Is Water Really Good for Your Skin?

The short answer to this question is yes. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and to function appropriately it needs to be kept well hydrated. On average, the adult human body consists of approximately 60% water. Without water, humans would be unable to survive. Our skin

30days of Hydration-Follow the Journey

Have you ever wondered how hitting your hydration target each day will make you feel? Our resident health expert Leanne Edermaniger has set herself the challenge of doing just that! Follow along as she provides a new insight each day into just how wonderful water

Staying Hydrated Whatever the Weather

Winter is here and for many,it can’t go away quick enough. Long, dark nights and cold days mean we don’t have to drink as much water as we need to in the summer, right? Wrong. Keeping yourself adequately hydrated in the winter months is just as important

Water Wisdom

At The Big Bottle Co, we believe a healthy lifestyle begins at hydration and we truly value the benefits it can bring to the mind and body.  We’ve seen effects such as a lift in energy, glowing skin and a boosted immune system first hand but

Pink has always been a favourite shade for The Big Bottle Co and there’s now even more reason to #DrinkPink! As of October 1, The Big Bottle Co will begin its ongoing partnership with the McGrath Foundation to help continue the legacy of Jane McGrath and

Melissa Zimmerman

Stand and visualise what you will accomplish. Say out loud "I am a good person and will achieve all of my goals and dreams" OR you can get out there and work your butt off for them! Actually, do BOTH of these things! I do and I’m

Up Your H2O With A Big Bottle

It’s no secret staying hydrated is an important part of your overall health, but there are loads of health benefits that aren’t as well known. Hydration can give your metabolism a boost, lubricate your joints, control your body’s temperature, and even help with digestion. If you’re thinking

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