Water Wisdom

Water Wisdom

Leanne Edermaniger

At The Big Bottle Co, we believe a healthy lifestyle begins at hydration and we truly value the benefits it can bring to the mind and body. 

We’ve seen effects such as a lift in energy, glowing skin and a boosted immune system first hand but we wanted to learn more and share it with all of our loyal followers.

The Big Bottle Co is passionate about not only providing the means to hydrate but the right education and community to share knowledge and experiences to ensure you become a hydration hero.

For this reason we have sought out a resident expert to share words and wisdom through regular blog posts on all things hydration. It is with great pleasure we welcome the insights of Biomedical Scientist Leanne Edermaniger…


Hi, my name is Leanne and I am the resident writer for Big Bottle Co. From a very young age,I was always interested in health. As a child I wanted to be a paramedic, driving an ambulance and helping people, and as an adult,I had the opportunity to train with the ambulance service. I enjoyed being able to help people, but I really wanted to know what it was that was making them unwell? What really happens inside the human body?

In 2015, I graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science. Now I had the knowledge and understanding of the complex workings of the human body, I wanted to tell the world about it. I think it is important that we all know how our body’s work – what do they need to function and what happens if they don’t get it?

So many illnesses could be prevented if we made simple changes to our lifestyle and strived to be healthier. However, the information we often need to make these changes isn’t always freely available. So, I went back to university and completed a master’s degree in Science, Communication and Society.

Our health and wellbeing are huge aspects of our life and although I have completed my training, I am only human, too. A life without a few treats every now and again would be very boring, but if we are a little mindful of what we are doing to our body, what we are putting into it and the effects these things have on it, then we can expose our body to fewer dangers.

I am passionate about our natural well-beingand I hope my knowledge will empower you to take care of your body and learn about the power of good hydration and a healthy lifestyle.