Tips to Achieve Your Daily Hydration

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Tips to Achieve Your Daily Hydration

You hear medical practitioners and even beauty experts saying it time and time again – lift your hydration! But what exactly is all of that water doing to help your overall physical and mental wellbeing?

For many people it is common knowledge that drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day optimizes your physical performance and brain function, increases energy levels and provides your skin with a healthy glow.

What many don’t realise is that it can also give your metabolism a boost, lubricate your joints, control your body’s temperature and even help with digestion.

Unlike many diet and fitness regimes, adopting a water wise approach to life is not something that requires a major commitment or shift in your daily priorities.

Doing something as simple as adopting a Big Bottle with a 2.2L capacity and successfully downing the contents every day can produce serious results.

Beyond this physical reminder to regularly be drinking water here’s some additional tips to keep in mind:



This sounds like a no-brainer, but the main way to make sure you stay hydrated is to quench your thirst. Thirst is a message from your body telling you it’s becoming dehydrated. Other more severe symptoms of dehydration include headaches, dry mouth, cramping and even nausea.


Often times when you think you are hungry and reach for that not so healthy snack, it can actually be a need for more water. Drinking water can keep you from munching when there’s really no need. Of course if you’re still hungry after drinking more water, go ahead and find a healthy snack.


When you’re exercising your body heats up, causing you to sweat more and lose water. Exercise can also cause you to miss thirst cues—even when you’re mildly dehydrated, so it’s important to drink plenty of water even if you may not feel the need.


It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re busy, so having water with you can serve as a reminder. Always carry a Big Bottle with you to have immediate access at all times – find a style you love and get excited about your daily intake.


While other liquids can also help you stay hydrated many beverages tend to come with added sugar so it’s best to stick with filtered water. If you don’t care for the taste (or lack thereof) of water, try adding a fresh lemon wedge or other sliced fruits. It’s a hit of flavour and added nutrients for your body.