One Day, One Bottle: The Big Bottle Co Mantra

One Day, One Bottle: The Big Bottle Co Mantra

Healthy living doesn’t have to be boring. The health market is full of brands who have new ideas about helping us to be healthy, but many seem to forget one fundamental element. Fun. To many of us, the idea of eating healthily is giving up everything which we enjoy (the stuff that’s usually bad for us), the idea of exercise or going to the gym feels like a chore and drinking water is bland and unexciting. We want that to change through our larger than life approach to hydration – that’s where The Big Bottle Co and our one bottle, one day mantra comes in.

Our picture perfect 2.2 litre bottles encompass everything about our native Australian personality – bright, energetic and full of fun. Our United Kingdom and Canadian bases are also promoting our innovative approach to a healthy lifestyle across the world, too.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to sustaining life. In this sense it is an activity which we must carry out every day, but it doesn’t have to be samey samey. Our bottles bring to the market a sense of fun and enable you to show your personality through our vibrant 2.2. litre water bottles.

One Day, One Bottle Mantra

Our bottles stand out, but aside from that they make reaching your daily hydration target easier than ever before. Our bottle is designed to give you the amount of water your body needs to function and stay healthy.

We aim to be innovators in the world of hydration by making everybody think about the importance of drinking water. Our bottles serve as a great reminder of the cause with their portability, ensuring they can go wherever you go – to work, to the gym or to the shop.

We’re full of fluid. Adult body weight consists of 50-60% water, women have less due to the fact they have a higher percentage of body fat. Water is not just fluid we drink and then lose through our pee, it has many functions within our bodies, including:

  • Regulating our body temperature
  • Acting as a lubricant and a shock absorber for our joints
  • Removing waste products from the body via urine
  • Transporting nutrients in our blood

We lose water through several outlets like our urine, sweating and breathing and so it is important that we replenish what we lose. Our bright, colourful bottles take away the need to count the number of glasses you drink per day, by providing the recommended amount in an easy to carry bottle.

We, at the Big Bottle Co, help you to combine fashion, fitness and hydration whilst at the same time bring a bit of the cheeky, sunny Australian way to help brighten your world.

Without our one bottle, one day philosophy, the risk to our health increases. Without adequate hydration, we risk becoming dehydrated, which if not recognised can become a serious health problem. Losing just 1% of your body weight in water can start to bring about changes to the body including confusion and a negative effect on your physical function. You may recognise some of the early signs as dry mouth, inability to concentrate and headaches.

Our bodies need at least 2 litres of water per day to ensure we are living a healthy lifestyle and to reduce the risk of avoidable health complications. We believe hydration is the starting point for a good, healthy lifestyle and we are here to play a small part in the world’s one bottle, one day journey to health and happiness.