Melissa Zimmerman

Melissa Zimmerman

Melissa Zimmerman

Stand and visualise what you will accomplish.

Say out loud “I am a good person and will achieve all of my goals and dreams” OR you can get out there and work your butt off for them!

Actually, do BOTH of these things! I do and I’m loving every minute of my life.
My Mum would always say to me, “Melissa, do you want to look at the mountain or do you want to climb it” I would answer, “Climb it” and then she would ask what my intentions would be when I got to the top (She said I would always get to the top, its not in my nature to stop) I answered “I will stand at the top so I can see the world Mum, not so that the world can see me” She wanted me to never become self centered and a “taker”I knew the right answer at the time.

She wanted me to learn to give and not take, to learn to listen without judging. She would even write letters toThe Australian Women’s Weekly to tell them how her daughter will be the next biggest fitness icon. How cute was that. I don’t want to be an icon, I just want to help every woman I can, actually, every person I can. I want to share the knowledge I have and watch people become successful but most of all, happy.
You can be happy, successful and still give to others. You will probably notice that if you give to people more, you will be much happier. I remember when I was a probationer as a Paramedic and I started to see sad things. A woman in her 90’s was alone and had fallen. We attended to help her back to her feet. I noticed that the only thing keeping her warm was a thin blanket and a small fluffy dog. It killed my happy spirit to see this. The next day, I went and bought her a light feathered warm quilt and a smaller blanket for when she sits on her chair. I would never want anything back or any accolades or admiration, I just wanted her to be warm and to know that someone cares about her.


Give; give as much as you can without expecting anything in return. It is the best feeling in the world ever. As a Paramedic, I’m also advising you to stay hydrated too, that’s another great thing you can do to feel awesome!


Lots of love from me to you all,
Melissa Zimmerman

International Health and Fitness Expert Paramedic & Professional Competition Coach And has mad love for The Big Bottle Co